The Taste of Deep Lasting

When we use the term happy , most often things like having fun watching the movies, playing some video games, eating some delicious food or experiencing some time on the beach comes to the mind. But is that really satisfying, and is that what happiness is all about ? If it is then surely many would agree that this kind of happiness is very temporary, unsatisfying and is superficial. It does not lead to contentment and harmony.

I desire happiness, in fact we all desire deep satisfying and lasting happiness.Where can we find it, where will we find the happiness that can quench our aching empty hearts, and let us experience real contentment, satisfaction, tolerance and care for each other. Currently because we are so empty we are trying all sorts of things to satisfy ourselves and end up fighting among each other for things which we believe will satisfy us. Unfortunately none of what we desire in this material world ever fully satisfy or make us deeply happy. if it did then all the rich nations would be full of bliss and won’t hanker for more.

In today’s world there is so much hatred, fights, anger and disharmony in the society. Even for small things we have wars and fights, things get really ugly very easily nowadays.There is fight over territories, racial wars and so on, someway or other there is quarrel nowadays. Mostly it is because of an attempt to get happiness or satisfaction in some way or other. Someone thinks if i get a million dollars i will be happy and satisfied, another thinks if i get a big job i will be happy, and so on, but we never stop to think that, people who already have those things are not really happy and we see those examples everywhere in our lives.

So we have to apply our intelligence to look for happiness in right directions or sources. From timeless scriptures & spiritual teachers, we have repeated mentions of where lasting peace and happiness can be found. The holy names of the absolute truth or sacred holy names of supreme person is the source of all happiness and blissfulness. This is where true happiness and satisfaction is to be found, in various scriptures there are plenty of clear mentions of how the sacred names heard from the lips of bonafide teachers is the source of permanent shelter & happiness.

Focusing on hearing the sacred sounds will gradually satisfy our hearts and help us to taste real lasting happiness.

Listen to these beautiful sacred sounds from Jagad Guru Chris Butler Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa and take it to your heart.

The focus is on hearing the sounds and also repeating them as well. This will gradually give you a taste of happiness which you are always looking out for.

There are lot of personal stories, of how hearing of the sacred sounds have changed lives of so many people. They have found purpose, clarity and peace in their lives. One will experience real shelter and protection from these sacred sounds. Everyone will benefit if they add these sacred sounds to their lives. There is no doubt about it. The proof of how delicious a cake is in its eating, so you will experience the benefits of the sacred sounds, when you dive in and add this into your life. You will never regret it.

Thank you, let me know your experiences! Thanks for your time and attention.