Something to Satisfy


There always has to be something.

Something going on in our over-active minds.

Something to fill up the emptiness that we all know is deep inside. We pour endless amounts of content into our consciousness trying to fill the void – movies, music, books, magazines, twitter feeds, celebrity news, world news, political news, celebrity gossip, our personal gossip – but it’s all just empty junk that we are trying to fill our souls with.

Everybody needs a moment of peace and quiet every now and then. But nowadays that moment is just getting harder and harder to find. Our minds become more and more conditioned to the increased pace, the stepped-up speed at which the stream of empty content comes rushing our way, and so instead of blocking some of it out, our minds start to let more of it in. I wonder at what point are people going to just freak out and realize “Whoah. I have WAY too much useless information filling up my life.”

At what point is society going to stop and look at the cliff towards which it is headed?

Probably not till we’re already half-way down in free-fall. And then it will be too late. We’re not in our early 20’s with budding career possibilities and so much potential anymore. Suddenly we’re in our early 40’s, up to our necks with debt, house payments, car payments, maybe kids, maybe a career that we’ve ended up caring about. Our life is starting to be over before it’s even begun.

And we’re still assimilating more information. More stuff to fill our minds and the incessant need for something to fill our hearts. Our minds want to be active; they need to be active – and we don’t know any better way than to feed them with the information provided to us by the very helpful media – masters of providing endless streams of useless information.

When was the last time anyone stopped to think “Wait a minute. Why do I need to know about what actor X is doing in his life? How does it actually help me to know where actress Y took her vacation?”

But no. Fame is a powerful and strange thing that we cannot resist – its’ definitely important enough to warrant a large chunk of our time being devoted to it.

What people need to understand that the mind is not something that is out of one’s control. The mind is not and independent entity that cannot be brought under reign. We are also not the mind. “Even the most precious possession i.e. the brain is also not the mind.” The mind is a tool, and if we don’t learn to control it, it will end up controlling us.

We are in fact the viewers of the mind, much like we go to the cinemas to view a movie screen. We are the soul residing within the machine of the body, and we are watching the mind, observing all the information it displays to us. If we feed it good information, we will be viewing relevant and helpful images. If we feed it garbage and irrelevant content, we’ll get garbage back from it.

So if you think about it, the mind is actually a very useful tool and is separate from the self. This important topic is made very clear by the teachings & explanations by Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda. All perception takes place in the mind only.  The video from Science of Identity Foundation emphasizes the same in details. Watch it to know more..

We only use roughly 10% of our brains, and we can already do so much with that. Coupled with the power of the mind we can be quite productive and effective if we so choose. When we consume relevant, useful information, we start to build an arsenal of helpful memory banks that we can draw upon in our daily life. Having this shift in mindset will also play out in other aspects of life. Once we start taking in smarter content, more intelligent data, then we will start to think smart and make better decisions concerning our lives. Our diet will improve and that alone will work wonders.

The key is in making the decision. Do we want to have a bunch of nothing in our minds, or do we want to have actual useful information that we can utilize in life?

And while this will certainly help us manage our minds, it won’t fill the emptiness that we are trying to satisfy. The mind can distract us from it, and almost every time we will let it; but it’s a Band-Aid solution to a deeper problem. And the deeper problem is that we are longing for love. Not the quick, fleeting kind we find all around us in this world, but a higher love that will actually satisfy the inner emptiness we feel in our heart and soul.

But this is not to say that learning to control the mind is all for naught. When we control the mind we are able to decide what we want to place it on. And we can use this to help us fill the inner emptiness because we can place our minds on the higher things that we are looking for even if we don’t know it.

To take our mind off of the material and place it on the spiritual, the immaterial; this will place us on the right path and start us on the right direction. We are spirit in essence, and we gravitate towards the spiritual, towards spiritual love and our natural relationship with the Supreme Spirit.

Since we are spiritual beings, we require spiritual food to satisfy the inner emptiness we feel, the longing for something that this world cannot offer us. And since we are spiritual entities living in a material world, there is a fundamental clash of elements. And this must lead us to wonder, “”who am i ?”” why am I really here? What is my actual purpose in life? Why do I feel like I don’t belong here?

And once we start asking these questions, we’ll start to find the answers.

We will have something finally, a real something to pursue.