Reality vs Perception

So many times, we are fooled by perception and fail to know the real thing. A very simple example is the illusion in the desert, it looks so real, yet when we go near it we find that it is false. Similarly so many things we perceive as being truth or real is actually false. We think that we are the body or this body is mine, or that we won’t ever die because very soon medical science will make us immortal and so on. But deep deep inside we know that these are not true, and we also see plenty of examples in the world as well which clearly states that we are in illusion and not being realistic.

Many people think, that if they think +vely then the world will be a good place or things like the world is a great place already but we don’t see it. Unfortunately that is not a fact, millions of people are going horrendous, painful situations in this world every DAY, millions are suffering from tough diseases, many are suffering from family problems, many are suffering from lack of basic necessities of life.Millions are dying every day in some way or other. Things are getting worse for the environment, health and social peace etc as well, so there is no respite.

It’s about time to question or ponder about our existence, purpose and why are we here? where are we heading and what is this all about ? Let me know how you go. Keep a look at the next series of posts.

Thank You