Real Religion

Real Religion Today I wanted to talk about sectarianism and religion, objectively from a neutral standpoint. Religion undoubtedly plays a large part in human culture and civilization, and has been at the forefront of historical events. A large part of historical events have been directly or indirectly caused or influenced by religious belief. Christopher Columbus… Continue reading Real Religion

What is Kirtan?

What is Kirtan? Music has been around since who-knows-when. It’s safe to say that it’s been around forever. And it’s obviously important. Music affects us in a way that not much else can. It has its own emotional and psychological territory, as well as its very own place in history. The aspect of music that… Continue reading What is Kirtan?

Something to Satisfy

Something to Satisfy Something. There always has to be something. Something going on in our over-active minds. Something to fill up the emptiness that we all know is deep inside. We pour endless amounts of content into our consciousness trying to fill the void – movies, music, books, magazines, twitter feeds, celebrity news, world news,… Continue reading Something to Satisfy