The Decline of Music : Listen Responsibly

Regardless of music’s being considered ‘good’ depending on personal preference or perspective, it is a fact that the majority of popular music today is worse than that being made 20 years ago. Style, beat, and genre, etc, are all subjective to personal opinions but it is undeniable that popular music’s content has suffered greatly in the past twenty years. In today’s top 40 hits you will hear from rappers all about their exploits as womanizers, drug users, party-goers and of course their badass reputation as a gangster; their puffed-up-chest stab at boosting their false ego and prestige above all others. Rock music has all but disappeared from the mainstream scene and whatever is left is strongly influenced by pop and hip hop, both lyrically and stylistically.

The devolution of music has a majority of reasons, not only in the evolving state of the music industry but also in the downward shift in public consciousness. Another factor is the changing shape of the landscape for emerging artists. And as more ‘talents’ are fed to the corporate music machine, less and less of the talent in song writing is coming from artists themselves. A YouTube hopeful can now get a record deal and be given songs to sing not of his/her own agenda but of that of the music label to which they are signed.

Hip hop and rap have taken a major upswing in the recent past few years and have taken their content right along with them to the top of the charts. Songs regarding women as sexual objects and not human beings, about a life of partying at the clubs and living in and out of a haze of intoxicants and drugs are a total commonplace thing. What was reserved twenty years ago to just rap or hip hop genres is now full mainstream music.

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Impact of Pollution – The Scary Road Ahead

I was walking through the nearby natural garden which has a river flowing through it, I noticed that the water doesn’t look as clean and clear as it was before. I have been noticing the change for quite a while, then I realized that we are really damaging the environment at a very fast pace. In like 6 months, the color of the river has darkened considerably and I could see lot more debris in the river as well. The trees in the garden were lot fewer and the air was not as fresh as 12 months ago.

Things are changing fast, really fast, something needs to be done or else we might as well make the world a difficult place to survive for our coming generation or even our kids. Millions of acres of forest area are getting deforested every year as I speak by giant corporations and also traders. The damage caused by pollution is very deep and its impact is long lasting as well. But people don’t seem to realise the seriousness of it. If each one of us decides to do something for the earth and its resources, then surely we can improve things a lot. Small things done by everyone will have a big impact on the earth and make things much better and cleaner. So I describe below some serious examples and simple steps we can take to negate pollution.

We have all probably heard about the world and environment being polluted and how dangerous this is, but most people don’t really bother to learn what really pollution is, what is causing it and most importantly, what its effects are. It is important that we know all of this because that way we know what we are dealing with and how to deal with it. To start off, the first thing that we need to know is that there are three types of pollution and that they are all very important. They are land, air and water.

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Reality vs Perception

So many times, we are fooled by perception and fail to know the real thing. A very simple example is the illusion in the desert, it looks so real, yet when we go near it we find that it is false. Similarly so many things we perceive as being truth or real is actually false. We think that we are the body or this body is mine, or that we won’t ever die because very soon medical science will make us immortal and so on. But deep deep inside we know that these are not true, and we also see plenty of examples in the world as well which clearly states that we are in illusion and not being realistic.

Many people think, that if they think +vely then the world will be a good place or things like the world is a great place already but we don’t see it. Unfortunately that is not a fact, millions of people are going horrendous, painful situations in this world every DAY, millions are suffering from tough diseases, many are suffering from family problems, many are suffering from lack of basic necessities of life.Millions are dying every day in some way or other. Things are getting worse for the environment, health and social peace etc as well, so there is no respite.

It’s about time to question or ponder about our existence, purpose and why are we here? where are we heading and what is this all about ? Let me know how you go. Keep a look at the next series of posts.

Thank You